Inlinemastering was founded by engineer and musician Wim Bult (1964). After years running my own project studio and recording my own music for more than 15 years and making location recordings on all kinds of music such as classical, jazz and pop-bands, I decided to focus on mastering for the full 100%.

I want Inlinemastering to be a place where it's all about music. Since starting with our Masteringstudio, Inlinemastering has worked on more than 2000 projects for individual artists, labels, recording-studio's and producers from all over the world, like the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Colombia, Germany, USA, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Bosnia and more.

Around age 20, I used to hitchhike/backpack a lot around Europe, Israel and Egypt, later traveling (backpacking) to India, Thailand, Russia and Africa, I did a lot of bird watching there. I stayed in a kibbutz for a year and met a lot of people from all over the world while working/traveling. Right now as life starts getting better, I've got a beautiful loving/caring wife and three great, funny and noisy kids.

My main goal is to be among the best mastering engineers and taking inline all the way up ... I like and ride Ducati motorbikes (best sound) and Klein racing bikes ... we all bike in Holland and have wooden shoes ... well that's enough about me ... oh Yes, and I should start playing more guitar.

I listened to all kinds of music while growing up and playing guitar in local bands. Listening from Bob Dylan to AC/DC to Chuck Berry, The Eagles, The Cure, David Sylvian, Bauhaus, Bob Marley, Miles Davis, Black Uhuru, Tramps, Tavares, Billy Holiday, Stiff Little Fingers, TC-matic, Pink Floyd, U2, Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Clash, the Stranglers, Tracy Chapman, Queen, all pre-MTV and Classical music, Ethnic Music, Acoustic or deep  Electronic, well I could fill this whole page. I'm still emotional about listening to music. From folk to trance and Hip-Hop as long it's performed well, made with passion, made with young enthusiasm, I will enjoy.


equipment is important, but these are just "the" tools. The real ambition & passion lies on working to the max, to thrill every client & myself, always


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